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Calli Beasley

Calli Beasley

Director of Operational Excellence, Southeast, Certus Pest, Inc.

Calli Beasley has focused her career on helping people and building relationships. She joined Certus as part of the Peachtree Pest Control team and has quickly proven herself to be a force in improving our safety culture and integrating new companies into the Certus family.

Calli started at Peachtree Pest Control in 2018 as a Branch Manager and was promoted to Director of Operational Excellence for the Southeast Market just six months after Peachtree joined Certus. In this new role, Calli ensures that we are listening to new team members, their needs are met quickly, and reinforces our safety culture from day one. Since Certus is built on the idea that there is always a better way, Calli also helps identify and capture best practices from the joining company.

Prior to Peachtree, Calli was a Field Agent with the Georgia Department of Agriculture where she learned the pest industry and enjoyed building relationships with pest control companies in her district. She’s used this regulation background to jump into process and system building at Certus.

When she’s not coaching new team members through an integration or working on safety and process improvements, Calli likes to reconnect with nature. She loves traveling, especially to national and state parks to enjoy hiking.


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